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Week 11 Picks

Posted by mizzou1028 on November 22, 2009

My apologies for last week’s incomplete post.  (For the record I blame the awful Internet at the Des Moines Marriott).  I thought I had included the Saints-Rams game but somehow neglected that one.  As such that will count as an incorrect pick.  In any case, more quickie picks here, realizing that I am already off on the wrong foot this week with a wrong pick in the Thursday night game (see my Twitter account).  That loss is included in the overall season total.

Last week: 8-7 Season: 96-47

– Jaguars over Bills: Jacksonville continues to surprisingly have a pulse.  I still think they aren’t a great team but they keep figuring out ways to win.  Buffalo is in shambles, and that means the Jags will win this one at home relatively easy.  Jacksonville is quietly sneaking into the wild card discussion.

– Patriots over Jets: New England is reeling after a blown fourth quarter lead in Indy, not to mention the now infamous 4th & 2 decision.  The Jets are coming off a home loss in a game they probably should have won.  I like New England here for two reasons: their ability to bounce back from adversity and a strong desire to avenge their week two defeat in New York.  Besides, Tom Brady has now long erased any doubts about his health.

– Bengals over Raiders:  Oakland is starting Bruce Gradkowski at quarterback.  That is all you need to know about this game.  Being that Cincy is definitely for real at 7-2, the only question here is margin of victory and what kind of TD celebration we’ll see from Mr. Ochocinco.

– Lions over Browns: If a game was played with no one in the stands, would it make the highlights?  Why anyone would pay any amount of money to watch this bore is beyond me.  It’s too bad there isn’t a rule allowing a tv blackout in both cities.  For picking purposes I go with the home team because I think Cleveland is just a bit worse.

– Colts over Ravens: This is interesting, but we’ve been down this road before.  When these teams square off, the Ravens defense holds Indy in check for roughly a half, and then Peyton Manning carves them up in the second half.  I expect that scenario to play out again, especially now that the Ravens defense isn’t what it used to be. (Last week doesn’t count because it was against the Browns).

– Steelers over Chiefs: Pittsburgh suffered a tough home loss last week, but they’ll have no issues getting well here.  This is another game where the only question is margin of victory.  I’m just wondering if there will be more terrible towels than Chiefs fans in the seats at Arrowhead.

– Chargers over Broncos:  I really want to go with the home team here but I just can’t do it.  Chris Simms is the likely starter here at quarterback, and the Broncos just haven’t been right since the bye week.  The offense isn’t consistent, and the defense is starting to wear down.  San Diego has not lost since the Broncos beat them in mid-October, and they will be highly motivated for this one.  I hope I’m wrong, but I go with the Chargers 24-17.

– Cowboys over Redskins: Dallas is coming off a loss while the Redskins are coming off a surprising win.  I wasn’t sure I would be writing that sentence, but there you go.  I expect the Cowboys to rebound in this one without too much difficulty and bring the Redskins back to reality.

– Giants over Falcons: Both teams are extremely desperate for a win, but at some point the G-men have to rebound.  New York is perhaps more desperate knowing they have to go to Denver on a short week for Thanksgiving, and therefore I will go with the home team here.  I do think the Falcons will keep it close with Michael Turner, but in the end I just think the Giants have to win eventually.

– Packers over 49ers: Green Bay has been somewhat of an enigma, but I think I like them to hold off the Niners at Lambeau.  The Niners may have gotten a win against Chicago last game, but I think that had more to do with Jay Cutler than anyone on their own team.  Aaron Rodgers is quietly having another very good year, and I like that to continue on Sunday.

– Vikings over Seahawks: This is yet another complete mismatch on tap for Sunday, especially in the Metrodome.  I still think the Vikings are every bit as talented as any team in the league and I stand by my preseason pick that they will win the Super Bowl.

– Buccaneers over Saints: Yes you read that correctly.  This could be somewhat interesting for New Orleans considering they are on the road and have struggled to beat some inferior opponents in recent weeks.  Tampa Bay meanwhile is starting to show some improvement and an ability to be competitive even when it is not expected.  The Saints also have the Patriots on tap next week.  So…..ah what the heck UPSET ALERT.  I think this shapes up to be a trap game for New Orleans, especially considering that Reggie Bush is officially out.

– Cardinals over Rams: What is it with the NFL and mismatches this season?  Arizona wins this one at home by a lot and without much extra effort on their part.  Arizona’s season in quietly showing a similar pattern to last year.

– Eagles over Bears: NBC somehow got stuck with a mediocre Sunday night game even though we are now supposed to be into flexible scheduling.  I think both teams have underachieved this season, but I think Philadelphia gave a better effort on the road last week in San Diego.  I just don’t see the Eagles losing three games in a row.

– Texans over Titans: A somewhat intriguing Monday nighter being that the Titans have won three straight and the Texans have started to live up to the promise they’ve shown the last three years.  I think Houston is showing they have the ability to be a playoff team, and I think they’ll win this one at home behind the Monday night crowd.


One Response to “Week 11 Picks”

  1. Doug Baker said

    Reid, did you drink when you made these picks? Bucs over Saints? If you are right on this one I hope you bet on the game!!

    I pick the Ravens in an upset…maybe wishful thinking…

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