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Settle down on Tebow, please!

Posted by mizzou1028 on August 18, 2010

I am extremely sick and tired of hearing about Tim Tebow.  Look, I hope he succeeds.  I really don’t want to see yet another first round pick wasted by the Broncos a la Marcus Nash or George Foster.  I hope Tebow can learn how to play in the NFL.  What I am getting infuriated by are headlines such as the following from supposedly reputable news outlets:

“Tim Tebow will start for Broncos this season” – Orlando Sentinel

“Tebow will start by December” – Miami Herald

“Tim Tebow mania overtaking Broncos” – USA Today

“Orton will have Tebow monkey on his back” –

Whoa, slow down people!  So far all Tebow has done in the NFL is lead one touchdown drive in a preseason game against a vanilla prevent defense played by third stringers, many of whom will probably be bagging groceries in two weeks and not playing in the NFL.  He has done NOTHING to give even the slightest consideration that he can be an NFL starter.  The fact is way too many people are praising Tebow’s performance Sunday night.  I’ll admit he threw a beautiful pass to Matthew Willis that was dropped and he did show some guts on his touchdown run, but Tebow’s mechanics still need a lot of work.  He still holds the ball too low when he starts his throwing motion.  You think Dwight Freeney wouldn’t knock the ball right out of his hand?  Even on Sunday night against third stringers, Tebow got bailed out by the tuck rule on what otherwise would have been a Bengals’ fumble return TD by virtue of Tebow’s poor throwing mechanics.  He still has a lot to learn about reading NFL defenses, and if he keeps running like he did on Sunday night, someone like Ray Lewis is going to really bust him up.

I’m saying this to bag on Tebow.  He is just like any other rookie at the position.  He has actually had a pretty good camp and seems way ahead of Brady Quinn for the backup spot.  The fact is that Tebow is a project that will need time to transition to the NFL.  I do like his intangibles in terms of locker room presence and leadership, and I do admire his toughness on the field and willingness to do anything to win, but physically he’s got a ways to go before he can be an NFL starter.  This is not a Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco scenario where he is likely to come in and make that kind of impact right away.  Those guys made impact as rookies, but were also much more equipped to make the transition to the NFL because they had the physical tools.

Look folks, Kyle Orton is so far ahead in the race to be the Broncos starting quarterback this season that Tebow can’t even see his tail lights.  Orton has had the best camp of any player on the team.  He is throwing the ball with much more velocity and accuracy than he did last season, and all he did in his first preseason appearance was lead two touchdown drives against a playoff team from a year ago.  Unlike Tebow, who played against many players who are not likely to make the Bengals’ final roster, Orton played against the first team unit.  Oh, and Orton did this without any running game to help him because all of Denver’s running backs are injured.

I feel like people are so blinded by Tebow mania that it has long gotten beyond ridiculous. He is a rookie.  At that, he is a rookie that is a project.  Kyle Orton is playing incredibly well, and I think he may in line for a Pro Bowl type season (yes you read that right: Pro Bowl).  The only way that Tebow starts a game at quarterback for the Broncos at any point this season is if Orton gets injured, or the Broncos’ season has completely fallen off the wagon (say 3-7 or worse).  The only way Josh McDaniels will even think about starting Tebow at quarterback this season is if this season becomes a lost cause and he is looking ahead to next season.

I feel very strongly that this Tebow mania is very unfair to Orton and I feel like no one is acknowledging how well Orton has performed in this training camp.  I will even take it a step further and say that anyone who thinks Tebow should be starter over Orton either doesn’t know much about how football is actually played or is highly delusional.  Tim Tebow may blossom into a starter eventually, or he might not.  Until he does, let’s say off and give him time and a chance to develop.

For now, this is Orton’s team, and I think it should be really obvious that is best for the Broncos in 2010.


35 Responses to “Settle down on Tebow, please!”

  1. shoutabyss said

    I remember when the Chargers started Ryan Leaf too soon. That resulted in one of the worst quarterback disasters in NFL history. Patience is important when grooming NFL quarterbacks.

  2. Amen! So glad to hear someone else feels this way!

  3. I agree the media tends to over-hype players that come from big programs, like you said the kid has a lot to work on. That windup throwing motion will get him killed in the league. People need to chill and let the kid get his mechanics together then talk about him starting and leading the team.

  4. You too drink beer when watching american football as these who european football?

  5. Wait, you work for the Broncos, no?

  6. JW said

    Don’t worry…you are going to spend all day today hearing about King Favre the 1st.

  7. TCMSM said

    I agree with you on the hype over Tebow, the sad thing is this is what all everyone wants to talk about. It’s not over if he’s a good quarterback, he’s an individual who is a little different. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I’m from Iowa and I have watched Orton since high school when he played here in the Des Moines area. I think it’s unfair too that Orton seems to be pegged as a nobody. This is a nobody who guided the Bears to a 10-2 record and then got thrown under the bus by the team, the media, and the fans for not being Rex Grossman and throwing TD passes.

    Kyle going to the Broncos and having a chance to work on being a better QB was the best move for him. I want him to succeed and have an opportunity to prove his detractors wrong.

  8. Haha, so true! All those headlines are ridiculous hype because there is no doubt that Orton will be starting and leading the team. I’m tired of hearing about Tebow on ESPN, enough already, he needs time.

  9. masonboggs said

    I like the headlines if it is going to keep other teams focused on Tebow. Orton is obviously the man in Denver right now, and I believe he plays best without the added pressure and/or expectations. The attention that Tebow is getting is letting Orton relax and simply worry about learning and skill progression rather than the media

  10. I agree! Tebow needs to start against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday August 29th and the Vikings to see how he does both those games!! The Steelers have a really good “D”. and the Vikings have a pretty good defense.

  11. I think this is best for the Broncos. Don’t rush anything. And, don’t get all excited about this team – yet. It may take a while to recover from the devastation Cutler and Marshall left behind. patience – it’s key.

  12. Gostaria de obter maiores informações de como publicar !!!

  13. We all “think” Tebo has potential and can develop into a good NFL QB. But one thing we all KNOW is the kid is as driven as anyone in the world, and has an incredible work ethic, and is a leader/motivator… So maybe the coach says….”hmmm…I can make him a good QB, but HE can make US and incredible machine…” The kid will push, pull, drag, everyone with him..whether he’s playing or not..the kid is a winner… and he’ll push Orton as a team mate and partner to be the best he can be… and if needed, he’ll step in a do the best he can….for now, that’s about all you can ask of him…

  14. shoutabyss said

    Well said, Barry. If you rank raw talent about work ethic and leadership intangibles you just might be setting yourself up for Ryan Leaf kinds of troubles.

  15. amybeth1 said

    I am a huge Gator fan and have followed Tebow for a long time. I agree that is is being way over exposed now, I am tired of him!

  16. atomicgator said

    I agree with you however, as a Florida Gator alum and fan, you had better get used to it. It won’t go away. I remember when he came in as a true freshman he was being hailed as our savior and actually it worked out. It took some time but I have to admit, Tebow is a force. IS he ready to start? Hell no, is he better than Orton, hell no. Will he be a factor in some capacity for you this season hell yes! Will he work his butt off and get better and better, oh yeah he will

    One other thing, don’t blame tebow for all the hype, it’s out of his control.

    Good post.


  17. John said

    Ya I am a big broncos fan but I’m sick of hearing about Tebow. I think he was a waste of a draft pick and a huge waste of money.

  18. John said

    Plus if anyone saw the broncos first pre-season game Orton did great, granted Tebow didn’t get very many chances, I still think Orton is by far superior.

  19. Michael said

    Great post. The Tebow hype needs to settle down

  20. John Ziza said

    Whether it’s this year or next (or the year after, for that matter), Tebow will get his shot. But the NFL is a “What have you done for me lately?” league. He better shine when his number’s called…

  21. Crispin said

    I will like him to succeed but all this talk about him makes me sick

  22. Doug Baker said

    I think Tebow is going to go down in flames in the NFL. Can you think of on Florida QB that has lived up to their hype? Or WR for that matter.

  23. got2havefaith said

    I thought that was how we did things here in Denver…hype up one player as if he is the only man on the team and then curse him when he doesn’t live up to our expectations and bring home the trophy. I hope Tebow does well but that’s too much pressure to put on a rookie.

  24. xxayootigerzxx said

    strap your chinstrap or it goona be UGLY

  25. 2zpoint said

    I can not stand to hear what the press has been saying about the anointed virgin (sorry… bitter sooner fan)
    But one thing is for sure he’s got God on his side! I wouldn’t bet against him.

  26. alexjoel said

    in all fairness: Flacco wasn’t meant to start right away. If you remember back to his rookie year in the preseason Troy Smith was supposedly going to get more reps at QB right away. Otherwise I’m with you about Tebowmania. Check out my blog: I have a new column up about Favre, and an NFL Season Preview coming in about a week or so.

  27. themorningharpy said

    Settle down on Orton, please! Pro Bowl? I hope so… but that’s a pretty bold statement from a man that’s bagging on those who overhype a player who still has a lot to prove. Not to criticize, and to a certain extent I’m comparing apples and oranges, but your prediction of a Pro Bowl year for KO definitely caught my eye in this context.

    Perhaps all the attention that has been showered upon Tebow has allowed Orton to do his thing throughout the summer without the same level of scrutiny from the media as in years past. Whatever the case, it seems to be working out. I’m an Orton fan and I certainly hope that he has a great year for the Broncos. I’m also eagerly awaiting the day when Tebow is ready to lead the team. Love this guy.

    Go Broncos… and GBR!

  28. mindslam said

    I’m with you…he needs time (although I do like him), but I think Brady should get a chance too…I think he could be better, but Cleveland never really gave him a shot either. I actually felt bad for Brady when they drafted Tebow! Great post & I will include you on my blog roll!….Jason

  29. nice post. thanks.

  30. […] people are not that excited about the Tim Tebow world we live […]

  31. silviu said

    Great Post !!

  32. Devin said

    hes plugging his ears llalalalalalalalalala

  33. I agree with you that so far Tebow has done nothing to be considered teh starter or even in the race. I also agree with you about his intangibles, i truly believe he would do anything hin his power to be an NFL quaarterback and win. I have no question in his desire, and I believe if he fails as a NFL quarterback it won’t be because of lack of desire or effort. I think he will learn for about 3 seasons, then get a shot in Denver or get traded and play well for a new team.

  34. People want to see Tebow succeed. The media plays into what the fans want to see so of course they are going to make t “seem” like he is going to be this stand out when many of us know that the chances of him being a starting are slim. I agree with you, I hope he does well. From what I hear he is a very hard worker, but at this level I feel you either have it or you don’t. I will say he is in one of the best places if he does want a fair shot at starting. Kyle Orton is exatly a future Hall of Famer and Brady Quinn is a similar boat as Tebow so if he is going to become a starter it will be with Denver, but chances are still slim.

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