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Holliday Follow Up

Posted by mizzou1028 on November 13, 2008

A couple of quick follow up thoughts on the trade that sent Matt Holliday to Oakland for Huston Street, Carlos Gonzalez, and Greg Smith:

– The Rockies are trying to portray Holliday as not being a team player and are trying to argue that they will be better team next year even though their best hitter and only game changer is gone.¬† Please, Dan O’Dowd, don’t insult our intelligence by trying to say the team is now better.¬† It may be better in two years if Gonzalez and Smith turn out to be as good at their potential indicates they could be, but the team is not better now.

– As for Holliday not being a team player, it’s hard to argue with O’Dowd on that point.¬† Holliday wrote his ticket out of town and put his full selfishness and greediness on display the instant he hired Scott Boras as his agent.¬† Players who hire Boras are seeking as much money as possible and NEVER re-sign with their current team for less.¬† The Rockies frankly couldn’t afford to keep Holliday, and¬†we all knew¬†that.¬† My issue¬†is more with the timing of the trade and¬†what the Rockies got (or didn’t get) in return.

– I do want to give¬†Smith, Gonzalez, and Street the benefit of the doubt.¬† Smith did eat up a lot of innings last year in Oakland, and maybe we¬†should give him a chance to see if he can cut his walks down, which¬†he¬†will have to do to be effective.¬† The Rockies need him to be a 2 of 3 starter, not¬†the 4 or 5 starter he is now.¬† Gonzalez¬†¬†has the tools to be a good center fielder, but he has yet to put it together at the Major League level.¬† If he can meet his full potential and improve his woeful on base percentage, the trade may prove to be ok for the Rockies in 2-3 years.¬† If he is a bust, the trade is a full failure.¬† As for Street, it is unknown whether the Rockies will keep him or try to spin him for a starter.¬† If he stays, he will compete with Manny Corpas for the closer role, but the Rockies should be aware of his less than promising injury history.¬† Street has the talent and to¬†his credit does not walk many hitters, but he has¬†yet to prove he can stay healthy.¬† That must change if he is to be effective in the Rockies’¬†bullpen.¬†

–¬†To those ripping A’s General Manager Billy Beane regarding¬†his acquisition of Holliday: ask yourself who you’re ripping.¬† Beane has¬†routinely¬†made bold moves to improve the A’s.¬† It is unknown whether the A’s will keep Holliday after this year, but they knew they needed an elite power¬†bat to keep pace with the Angels in the AL¬†West.¬† Holliday is a game changer, and the A’s will benefit from his presence in the middle of the order.¬† If nothing else, the A’s will get two¬†high compensatory picks in next year’s draft if Holliday bolts as a free agent.


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